Piggy tails in her hair and bubble gum in her mouth that makes a guy get excited over what everything naughty is all about. Like what you see too?

Looks like this girl likes to go horse back riding, and guess what…you are the horsey. I didn’t think I would hear you complaining, hell I wouldn’t mind her doing a little reverse cowgirl.

We met Penny at the local mall, she was a waitress at a nice, upscale restaurant. She said she wanted to pursue a career in acting, so we told her what we do, and she agreed And now she has her own feature called Lucky Little Penny in the website 18 Years Old.

Dude, I am telling you if this girl was my teacher with her tits hanging out like that I would be sure to get afterschool detention, looks like she might need to tutor me in anatomy.

I explained to the Ms. Flame, my teacher that I was a visual learner and she really wanted me to ace the anatomy test on Tuesday so she got down on her knees and showed me exactly what would be on the test. Ms. Flame deserves an apple on her desk for all her extra help.

Sometimes, I get confused and have a lot of questions; Im really glad that I have a teacher who seems to really like me and wants to help me get an A in her class. Looks like I got D in her P too!

Shhh! You boys like what you see…if yes, Penny Flame loves to tease and has a lot more peep to show. In this pic, she wanted to show you her hot pink panties, maybe she will show us a little beaver action too.

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Looking so cute in her striped dress and her perky breasts, anyone wanna get in there for some motor boating action. Looks pretty exciting to me!

Now, that is the Penny Lame, we salute too! Bare ass and her panties around her ankles, that is my kind of girl. Looks like she might just be inviting us through her backdoor.

Penny looks like a such a nice girl who may have spent the day lounging in the sun, too bad the assistant principal at her high school caught her ditching class and demanded her to get back to the school immediately to discuss consequences.

Because Penny is a smart girl and knows that he has a weakness for the ladies, she decides to seduce him to get out of her punishment. As any manipulative girl would, she dropped her sarong and pranced over to sit on his lap hoping what would pop up wouldn’t be his pencil.

Looks like he was easily convinced that if gave him a blow job that maybe he wouldn’t call her parents but she could stay for detention in his office. So, on her knees with open mouth Penny went to start a fire between his legs.

From what this picture shows, detention paid off but raising his flag during the ceremony for student of the month award. I have a feeling Penny will be ditching class a lot more often.

Penny happens to love playing tennis when she is not slobbering all over some dude’s johnson. Looking ever so sporty in this little red tennis outfit, looks like she needs to holding a differnt set of balls.

Explaining to her tennis instructor that her muscles are sore from a hard work out, she asks him if he can stretch her out.

Then again, this is one way to go deep and stretch out sore muscles, burn a few calories and get in some bedroom cardio, I think more coaching maybe needed for Miss Flame’s serve.

Coach yellow balls explained that having blue balls never wins a match and that if she was a good student she would swallow and win the tornament for the team.